At the public inquiry into a deadly mall collapse last year in Elliot Lake, there are questions about whether the optics of a successful, bustling mall to attract retirees to the city might have had any impact on what officials did to attend to the Algo Centre Mall.

The former chief administrative officer with the city of Elliot Lake, Fred Bauthus, testified city meetings were underpinned — at least in part — by the city's retirement community branding strategy.

The senior counsel for the commission, Peter Doody, asked Bauthus to recall city meetings in the late 90s about how to position the mall as an attractive centerpiece to prospective retirees.

Bauthus acknowledged to Doody the mall would continue to be a viable entity in the city. As Elliot Lake tried to build an attractive retirement brand after losing mining as its economic engine, retirees were expected to be the economic driver.

One of the crown jewels in the retirement package was a convenient, central shopping and social hub in the Algo Centre Mall.

Retirement Living is the organization in Elliot Lake that handled that marketing strategy for the city and the inquiry will continue to see just how involved it was in the decisions made at the mall.

Retirement living evenutally bought the retail space in 1999, when the leaks still hadn't been fixed.

Elliot Lake Inquiry schedule of testimony:

Witness Name Dates (subject to change)
Roger Pigeau, Former Chief Building Official, City of Elliot Lake March 22 and 25
Fred Bauthus, Former Chief Administrative Officer, City of Elliot Lake *Will only speak to the first period he acted as CAO, namely February 1990 to July 2000 March 26, 2013
Barbara Cloughley, Former Personnel Manager, Woolco, Former tenant of Mall March 27, 2013
Robert Leistner, Former General Manager and Vice President, Algoma Central Properties March 27-28, 2013
Warwick Perrin, President, Ontario Association of Property Standards Officer Inc. April 2, 2013
Larry Burling, Former Clerk, City of Elliot Lake April 2, 2013
Ken Snow, Former Maintenance Foreman, Algoma Central Properties and Retirement Living April 3, 2013
Paul Meyer, Structural Engineer, P. Meyer Engineering, hired by Algoma Central Properties April 4, 2013
Albert Celli, Engineer, Halsall April 5, 2013
Michael Buckley, Engineer, Halsall April 8, 2013
Jeff Truman, Engineer, Halsall April 9, 2013
Michael A. Luciw, Architect, Yallowega Bélanger April 10, 2013
Richard Quinn, Former Property Manager, Retirement Living April 11, 2013
Blaine Nicholls, Architect, formerly with Nicholls Yallowega Bélanger April 16, 2013
Richard Kennealy, General Manager, Retirement Living April 17-18, 2013
Rhona Guertin, Comptroller, Retirement Living April 19-22, 2013