A jewelry store owner in Elliot Lake says he wants to know where his inventory went from inside the Algo Centre Mall.

Peter Unfried said two months after the mall's roof collapsed he found out his store was demolished.

But Unfried says a video shows "that my store was still standing" after slabs of cement came crashing through two floors of the shopping centre on June 23.

That means, sometime between the collapse and Aug. 3, his store was demolished.

"My biggest questions and concerns are what happened to the contents of the store," he said.

No insurance

Unfried said he lost hundreds of thousands of dollars — and he didn't have insurance.

He said he moved into the mall just two months before the collapse and "hadn't had time to look at the [insurance] needs that I would have."

"I was quite secure, actually, with the fact that there was manual security 24/7," he said.

The lawyer representing the mall's tenants, Douglas Elliott, said he will be seeking answers for Unfried during the public inquiry.

"It's still a question and a mystery to me as to why nobody knows what happened to the goods in there," Unfried said. "’Cause it would seem unreasonable to assume that a fully stocked jewelry store would just be brought down."