As part of a campaign to get the public talking about issues surrounding prostitution, some restaurants and bars in Sudbury, Ont. have been given drink coasters that feature anti-prostitution slogans.

The campaign comes from le Centre Victoria pour femmes, which provides a number of services for abused women, incuding a telephone helpline .

The executive director of the centre said the campaign is in place to raise awareness about prostitution, and shed light on the Supreme Court of Canada’s current consideration of whether it’s constitutional for brothels to be illegal.

Prostitution is an abuse of women, whether it’s legal or not, Gaetane Pharand said.

"Ask a woman how she feels after she’s serviced 40 men in one day," she said. "It’s just unfathomable to us that we will think of that as an everyday activity. It’s not."

She said she hopes the coasters will force people to discuss the issue.

Pharand added she thinks most people will realize they are against prostitution, not only in the street, but in brothels as well.

The coasters — written in both English and French — are being distributed in a number of bars and restaurants within the city.

Similar campaigns are being launched by other women’s centres in the province.

A billboard sign is also in place on Kingsway Boulevard, past Falconbridge Road in Greater Sudbury, Pharand said.