A civil lawsuit has been filed against the estate of a prominent doctor in Temiskaming.

The doctor's wife, the Temiskaming Hospital and an unnamed doctor and nurse are also being sued.

The claims about Dr. Peter Pace have divided residents in this community, many of whom held the doctor in high regard.

Pace died in a collision with a transport truck on Highway 11 in January. The lawsuit filed last week makes allegations that many who knew Pace find abhorrent.

In the statement of claim, 10 former patients say Pace sexually molested them.

Pace's wife, Judy was on the hospital board and was mayor at the time of the alleged incidents.     The lawsuit names her and the hospital saying they knew or ought to have known of the alleged abuse.

The plaintiffs are seeking $10 million in damages.

Lawyer Justin Linden said the plaintiffs wouldn't make false accusations, in response to those who say they are simply trying to get rich quickly.

“It's extremely disturbing,” he said.

“Nobody stands up and says this happened to them as part of a cash grab.”

But Judy Pace denies the allegations, as does Margaret Beatty, who is the president and CEO of the Temiskaming Hospital. The defendants have 20 days to indicate if they'll file a defence.

Linden pointed out the plaintiffs “are individuals who come from across Canada, who are originally from New Liskeard [and] who have jobs who have families.”

“They're not part of an extortion,” he said.

“They're individuals who are standing up and saying, ‘I am seeking justice for a wrong that happened to me.’”