People who work with autistic children in northeastern Ontario are reflecting on the accidental death of a 13-year-old boy last week.

On Friday, Alexandre Guy Lemay of North Bay was hit by a pickup truck on Highway 17, near Coniston.

OPP say the boy, who was autistic, got out of a vehicle and walked into the road.

'Some of them just do not have the perspective of surroundings.' —Rick Grylls, Sudbury Chapter of Autism Ontario 

No charges have been laid and police have not released any further details.

Meanwhile, for families and helpers of autistic kids, safety is a constant concern and they need more help, says one autism advocate in Greater Sudbury.

Rick Grylls, who is with the Sudbury Chapter of Autism Ontario, said autistic children are generally much more vulnerable to danger.

"The tragedy and the trauma is just so much on the individuals," he said.

"In an everyday effort … the professionals that work with them are trained. [But] parents, as they grow older, have that fear within them at all times."

Grylls said some children with autism can't identify dangers like traffic.

"Some of them just do not have the perspective of surroundings," he said.

"They don't comprehend traffic or other people, [or] depth perception in some ways. Or they might have no fear."

A celebration of life will be held for Lemay Wednesday night in North Bay.