Dalron's Minnow Lake building plans turned down again

Sudbury city councillors turned down Dalron's 380-home development by a vote of 3 to 2.

Residents again voice concerns about increased traffic

A subdivision proposed for Sudbury's Minnow Lake area got caught in traffic again last night.

City councillors turned down Dalron's 380-home development by a vote of 3 to 2.

The same subdivision, but with twice the number of houses and condos, was shot down by the planning committee in October.

Both times, the main complaint has been increased traffic.

Suzie Franklin, who lives in the area, is worried about the risks involved with the development.

"Increased traffic flow and congestion will result in both pedestrians and drivers placed at increased risk of injury as they impatiently try to negotiate breaks in the heavy traffic flow," she said.

Strong case to appeal

But Dalron representative Art Potvin argued that shouldn’t be a reason for councillors to say no.

"If you travel down the corridor it's going to take you a little longer to get where you are going," Potvin said. "If you live on the corridor, it'll take you a little longer to get out. No question. However, that's the reality of an urban rush hour."

One Sudbury city councillor said that, even with a "no" vote, the subdivision could still one day be built. Dave Kilgour said Dalron likely has a strong case to appeal the decision to the Ontario Municipal Board.

"If this decision were to go to the OMB on appeal, I think Dalron has made enough changes and has met enough of the criteria that require this subdivision to go ahead," Kilgour said.

Before that happens, the decision would have to pass a vote of all Sudbury city councillors next month.