A video shot by two Sudbury cyclists who suffered a near miss with a transport truck is receiving a lot of attention and inspiring debates about cyclists and their right to the road.

The video shows Kim Roy swerving off a Sudbury highway to avoid being hit by a passing transport truck. The footage, caught by her fiancé's helmet camera was posted online and has been garnering lots of reaction including many who say cyclists shouldn’t even be allowed on the road.

Caution: This video contains graphic language

“It was way too close, I mean I could have reached out my hand without even extending my arm and touched the truck,” she said. “It was right there.”

Ontario cyclists are considered vehicles and are permitted on most non-400 series highways, according to the Ministry of Transportation,

However, Rachelle Niemela, with the Sudbury Cyclist Union, said most drivers do not see it that way.

“There’s really a lack of knowledge in terms of how to deal with cyclists on the road,” Niemela said.

“Certainly I don’t think there was any malicious intent on the part of that driver,” Neimela said. “ I think there’s a lack of overall education in Sudbury because, quite, frankly, the cycling population hasn’t been out there in droves in the past.”

The video shows the logo on the truck as that of the Day trucking company. But the truck could have been driven by a contractor.

Niemela said she spoke with the Day Group on Monday and is hoping the cycling union can work with the Sudbury company to improve cycle safety.

Day Trucking declined to comment.

Sudbury police say they've seen the video and are looking into it.