An officer with the Sudbury Police service says proposed legislation will help police crack down on cyberbullying.

On Wednesday, the federal government announced it will make it illegal for intimate images to be distributed online without the consent of the person in the photo.

The proposed law will also make it easier for police to get the photos and remove them online.


The federal justice minister says he wants to modernize the Criminal Code to give police and Crown attorneys more power to investigate cyberbullying.

Sudbury police cybercrime unit Sergeant Tim Burtt said this is something his department deals with several times a week.

"And then some of the chats that we see, it's an actual extortive act, 'I have your pictures and if you don't continue to give me your pictures or do what I tell you to, I'm going to post them on other social websites and shame you’,” he said.

“And thus, we end up with the situations we've seen with Amanda Todd and Rehtaeh Parsons."

However, even if the legislation is passed, it will still be difficult for police to get back all digital copies of an image of someone, Burtt said.