'Crazy' puppets satirize Sesame Street at Sudbury Theatre Centre

A puppet show is set to hit the stage at the Sudbury Theatre Centre — but it’s best to leave the kids at home.

Adult-themed puppet show ‘Avenue Q’ opens at Sudbury Theatre Centre this week

Avenue Q, the final production of the season at the Sudbury Theatre Centre, features seven actors who use 32 puppets to play 11 different characters. (Supplied)

A puppet show is set to hit the stage at the Sudbury Theatre Centre — but it’s best to leave the kids at home.

The final show of the theatre's season, Avenue Q, will feature seven actors who use 32 puppets to play 11 different characters.

The director of the production, Darcy Evans, said the show is a musical that has a satirical take on Sesame Street — but it’s meant for adults.

“It deals with …. anxieties of coming of age, growing up, entering adulthood with hilarious songs,” he said.

“There is puppet sex and full frontal puppet nudity.”

With the large number of puppets starring in the show, directing can be a challenge, Evans said.

“So you can imagine that there [are] times where we’ve got people playing one puppet, but then they’re also voicing another puppet,” he explained.

“And then there’s a puppeteer who’s animating the puppet but not doing the voice.”

Described as a laugh-out-loud show, Evans said the audience will feel "completely uplifted."

“They will hurt from laughing so much because these puppets are ridiculous and crazy,” he said. “They do things and say things that I think we all wish we could if [we] weren’t so politically correct.”

The show runs at the Sudbury Theatre Centre until May 16.


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