Some Sudbury city councillors are worried they ask for staff reports so often that it's a burden on workers at city hall.

But city staff say it's just part of the job.

Coun. Dave Kilgour admits that asking for a staff report can be a way of putting off a decision.

"If we don't get the answer we want, then we just reword the request for a report, and have it come back again. You have the same report come back three different ways."

But, Kilgour said sometimes council needs more information to make the right decision rather than the quick decision, although he does worry about loading more work on city staff.

It would help, he said, if the councillors made use of the reports and acted on them.

"If those reports sit on the counter and don't do anything then somebody's wasted an awful lot of time. We can't keep saying on one side, let's cut staff and on the other side, give them more work to do, Kilgour said.

Coun. Terry Kett is concerned about that too. But, he said, you won't hear city employees complaining.

"Our staff are very diplomatic. They'd never say that. But, if you watch closely, you see the eyebrows raise," he said.

Chief Administrative Officer Doug Nadorozny confirms that.

"In those situations we just roll with it, and we just prioritize the work and make sure we get it done as fast as possible."

Staff are hard at work now on reports to present when council resumes in the second week of September.

Councillors added about a dozen more to the pile of reports requested at its meetings over the summer. They include one on the possibility of hiring an integrity commissioner and another on the future of the daycare system in the city.