A plan to convert a former Lively elementary school into seniors apartments was given the OK by Sudbury city councillors, despite objections from some homeowners in the area.

Seeley Homes proposes to put in 55 apartments and five homes at the old Jessie Hamilton school in the community west of city.

Councillors at the planning committee meeting heard from many area residents who were concerned about how the proposed development would change their quiet, single-family neighbourhood.

"How would you feel if an apartment was going up across from your house? That's not why we bought there, if I had known that, I wouldn't have bought there in the first place," said Anthony Frattini.

"I just don't want that for me and my kids."

'More of those residents who call this community home can continue to do so.' —Marissa Holla

But the planning committee also heard from an unusual number of residents who support the redevelopment of the old school.

Marissa Holla was one of several people happy to see more seniors housing coming to the Lively area to ensure "that more of those residents who call this community home can continue to do so."

Coun. Jacques Barbeau, who represents the Lively area, said he recognized some residents are worried about increased traffic and changes to the character of their neighbourhood.

But he said he still supports the project, even with the knowledge that not everyone will be happy about it.

"And whether some people ... believe it or not, I do listen," he said.

"I listen intently and I listen to everybody. Not just those who bark the loudest."

In the end, councillors voted 4 to 1 in favour of the project.

The decision won't be final until it passes a vote at a regular Sudbury city council meeting.