As many students struggle to adjust to a new school and being away from home, College Boreal is working to help curb those anxieties by offering new services.

It may only be the first week of school but many post-secondary students are already feeling stress.

Renee Hallee, director of teaching and learning support services at College Boreal, said that she’s already met a number of students for counselling this week.

Many are feeling anxious about being away from home and many are concerned over their finances.

“The last five years, you have more and more and more students coming with anxiety problems,” Hallee said. “And if it's not treated or if it's not looked at seriously it can be a failure for the student at school.”

That’s why she said they have begun offering more services to help students manage stress. The school is making sure that mental health advisors will be readily available at the college now and throughout the school year.