As demolition efforts ramp up at the Algo Centre Mall in Elliot Lake crews are now salvaging some confidential documents from the offices in the building.

The Ministry of Labour’s order that no one can enter the mall has stopped crews from salvaging any of its contents since the roof partially collapsed in June of last year. The collapse claimed the lives of two women and injured dozens of others.

The president of the company responsible for the demolition — D and G Construction —  said contents in the mall have been unreachable until now.

"It was easy because the filing cabinets were right in the collapsed area," Regis Bergeron said.

Workers are starting to fish out some of the files.

Bergeron added his crew used an excavator to pull the cabinets out of the Algoma Public Health office.

'None of them got wet'

The program director for Algoma Public Health said about 95 per cent of the health unit's files have been salvaged.

"The condition of the files were very, very good," Marshall Chow said.

"Our files are double-locked in a filing cabinet. And they were at the top shelf so none of them got wet or exposed to the elements at all."

Bergeron said they hope to extract files from Service Canada's office next, but haven't been successful so far.

Local MP Carol Hughes also has confidential documents in the mall, but she said it isn't clear if her files will be saved.

"We are concerned about any information going into the landfill site that would have people's personal information on there," she said.

Bergeron said he can't make any guarantees, but he will retrieve any files he can.