Cold weather taxes Meals on Wheels volunteers

Meals on Wheels has become an important staple for many Subdury seniors during cold weather.

Meals on Wheels has become an important staple for many Sudbury seniors during cold weather.

But the organization says it needs help to meet demand.

Last year, the organization distributed more than 37,000 meals, which is the highest number in five years. 

With the help of volunteer drivers, Meals on Wheels delivers an average of 100 meals a day to seniors and people living with disabilities across the city — and that number is much higher in cold weather.

The Sudbury branch of Meals on Wheels delivered a record amount of food last year. The organization distributed more than 37,000 meals — that's up nearly 1,000 meals from the previous year. (Canadian Press)

The organization's director, Kelly Zinger, said increased demand poses a big problem.

"The rising costs of food [and] the rising cost of gasoline make it difficult to make the meal service affordable for our clients."

Right now, clients pay a $7 fee for each meal.

It’s a good deal for Raymond Giroux, a client of Meals on Wheels. He's retired, and he's come to rely on their help.

“I use it every day,” he said. “It's an easy way to get your meals out, and it's convenient.”

Zinger said she is hopeful good fundraising numbers will keep the price low. But the group also needs more volunteers.

"It's challenging in the fact that we have very high increased client numbers, and our volunteer numbers are quite low,” she said.

“When these cold weather days happen, many people don't want to go out every single day, and yet we ask our volunteers to come out more and more."


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