The latest report from city staff says there are more than 10,000 people waiting for an indoor field sports complex.

In 2016, the indoor turf at the exhibition centre on Falconbridge Road closed, leaving the city without a venue for some indoor sports activities.

The report shows there's a demand for 63 hours per week for indoor soccer activities alone, suggesting Sudbury could support an indoor turf complex with two small fields, each roughly half the size of FIFA-regulated playing fields.

The fields could be used for baseball and rugby as well, the report says.

Right now, the city doesn't have an indoor sports venue, forcing indoor soccer players to use local gymnasiums off-season.

City staff also found the city has two more ice pads than it needs.

The report will be discussed at a city community services committee meeting later today.

The plan is to review the need for these types of sports complexes, then discuss proposals for the development of potential venues.