Repairs and upgrades to Sudbury’s arena, amphitheatre and a creek bank will all be on the agenda when city councillors meet later today.

They will discuss a report on humidity problems at Sudbury Arena, which led to staff renting dehumidifiers for the month at a cost of $50,000. Arena staff have suggested buying a new permanent system costing $800,000 for the 62-year-old arena.

Two weeks ago, council members looked at speeding up plans to replace the arena, but feared rushing estimated $70-million project.

Councillors will also debate spending $4 million to build a roof over the Grace Hartman Amphitheatre in Bell Park and another $1 million to add about 700 more seats. The goal is to make the amphitheatre more attractive to concert promoters.

Also on tonight’s council agenda are repairs to a bank of Junction Creek near Kelly Lake Road, which was near collapse this spring. City staff had warned a collapse could lead to a "catastrophic failure" of Sudbury's main sewer line.

About $415,000 in emergency work has already been done and staff say a permanent fix could cost as much as $5 million.