A 61-year-old woman has been charged with careless driving following a fatal collision between a truck and three pedestrians in Parry Sound.

A woman and her two children were struck by a pick-up truck while crossing at the James and Seguin Street intersection in downtown Parry Sound on Friday morning, police reported.

The West Parry Sound Ontario Provincial Police, Parry Sound Fire Department and Parry Sound Emergency Services were called to the scene.

police car illustration

Life-saving efforts were performed by emergency services and all three pedestrians were rushed to hospital.

The two children were pronounced dead at the West Parry Sound Health Centre and their mother, Jill Patterson-Smith, 35, was treated for her injuries.

Kaelen Smith, 7, and Ryder Smith, 1, both from Nobel, were killed in in the accident, police reported.

The pedestrians were travelling Northbound on James Street, crossing Seguin Street in the pedestrian crosswalk at the time of the collision, police said.

The intersection was closed during the investigation and reopened later on Friday.

A 61-year-old woman from Seguin Township has been charged with careless driving contrary to the Highway Traffic Act, and is scheduled to appear in court on Nov. 26.