Students in Cambrian College’s Energy Systems Technology program provided hands-on demonstrations.

Cambrian College officially opened its Xstrata Nickel Sustainable Energy Centre Wednesday.

The building was created to meet and exceed the Canada Green Building Council's Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design Gold standards.

Sylvia Barnard, president of the college, said students have already been making good use of the space.

"It's been working really, really well," she said.

"We've been having students working in the lab and shops and in the facilities and it's our students, our energy systems technology program and also students in our environmental monitoring and assessment program."

The centre also features space for new research equipment for students.

According to Cambrian, this will allow students to take part in applied research and help create solutions to real-world problems such as removing contaminants from industrial waste water.

Cambrian Sustainable Energy Centre Official Opening