The small town of Callander continues to clean-up after a storm ripped through the community last week.

Some are calling it a tornado, although that has yet to be confirmed.

callander, ON

But it did blow down dozens of trees which fell on power lines and roofs across the town of 3,000 people south of North Bay.

The electricity was off for several hours Friday as the town declared a state of emergency.

Callander Fire Chief Rob Serson said he and other town officials went for a tour Monday morning and reported there is some minor damage to buildings — and a lot of tree branches to pick up.

"We're asking residents to be patient with the clean-up," he said.

"Understandably there's a lot of trees down and limbs … we will be around to help them clean it up."

Serson described Friday's storm as a "wall of water" coming off Lake Nipissing.

He said a few houses in Callander were flooded, but no one had to leave home.