Have you ever had an exceptional experience at a business in northeastern Ontario? Has someone ever gone above and beyond to make sure your retail experience is stellar?

CBC Morning North business columnist Brian Vendramin is looking to honour those businesses. The Business with Brian Awards are starting on CBC Sudbury's morning show, and the nominations are now open.

There are three categories businesses can be nominated in:

The Knock Your Socks Off Business Award 

Sock Granny Barbara Vance
  • This award is in recognition of a business that delivers exceptional customer service, day in and day out. The business does this by creating the ultimate service experience for its customers.

The Ahead of The Curve Innovation Award 

Sudbury Daystarter - Fall

(Yvon Theriault/CBC)

  • This award is in recognition of a business that is slightly ahead of its time in the products and services it offers, or the business model it operates under. It may not be the drone delivering diapers, but it is something special.

The Best Business Turnaround Story Award


  • This award is in recognition of a business that through no fault of its own, was faltering or fell on hard times — being sold, a soft economy or competing in a very competitive environment. Now, that business has turned itself around with something that is resonating with customers such as a new product or service.

How to nominate:

Do you know of a business that fits in any of these categories? You can send your nomination to us. Please include the name of the business, its contact information, the name of the owner and your personal experience with that company. You can e-mail your nomination to morningnorth@cbc.ca or call our Talkback Line with your entry at 1-800-461-1138.