Blake Lapierre testifies he never meant to hurt man fatally stabbed

The 20-year-old accused in a Sudbury murder trial insists he never meant to hurt the man who was fatally stabbed when he drew his knife.

Sudbury murder trial continues

The 20-year-old accused in a Sudbury murder trial insists that when he drew his knife, he never meant to hurt Justin Dagenais.

Blake Lapierre is accused of second degree murder related to Dagenais’ stabbing death at a Garson pit party in August 2012.

Lapierre testified Tuesday that pulling the knife was supposed to be scare tactic.

Justin Dagenais, 22,  died of a stab wound through his heart.

Crown prosecutor Leonard Kim suggested Lapierre could have yelled instead, and said his assailant did not pose a threat to him.

Lapierre testified that his grandmother had warned him not to take a knife to a party where drinking and possible fighting might ensue.

He also testified he was punched by an unseen attacker when he was calmly standing in front of a fire and admitted that he had punched a man a few minutes earlier, in an effort to warn him away from a scuffle in progress.

However, Lapierre insisted he was calm when he was then punched.  

Lapierre said he pulled the knife and waved it after his unseen attacker began punching his ribs and head as he pulled him by his shirt.

The trial continues.