A friend of Justin Dagenais testified he saw a fist fight that set in motion a chain of events that led to Degenais' stabbing.

The now-22-year-old man described events at the pit party in August of 2012 at the second degree murder trial of Blake Lapierre.

Matthew Dawson said he saw a muscular, stocky man sucker punch another man. He identified the puncher as Lapierre and the victim as Brandon Dockery.

He said Dockery seemed surprised and blurted out, "you hit me!"

Dawson said Lapierre seemed almost sorry and amazed at himself. Dockery then motioned the two men to go toward the bush.

Dawson said he followed the pair, as did Justin Dagenais, who went to defend his friend Dockery. Dawson testified a fist fight then started between Dajenais and Lapierre.  He also recalled how Dagenais fell and another person fell on top of him, punching him and kicking his head.

Justin Dagenais

Justin Dagenais was stabbed to death at a Garson pit party in late August 2012. (Facebook)

Lapierre was the one who sucker-punched Dockery, and was also the one who started the fight with Dagenais, Dawson continued. But Dawson couldn't identify the man who fell on top of Dagenais, attacked him and then fled.

Too dark to see

In earlier testimony on Thursday, witness Brayden Carpenter described Lapierre, who is now 20, as threatening.

Carpenter testified a man named Blake introduced himself at the party and Carpenter said he was intimidating, abrasive, and made him nervous. Later that night, Carpenter said, he and his friends heard screaming and found Dagenais lying on his back, bleeding. Carpenter said he didn’t see any fighting prior to the incident.

Under cross examination, Carpenter said he had no trouble seeing the victim and a woman, but it was too dark to see two others. He also testified that he was sober because he was the designated driver.

Other teens have testified that Lapierre showed them a knife, but Carpenter said he didn’t see any weapons.

Carpenter noted he also had an encounter with Dagenais, a little later. He said that interaction was friendlier.

garson pit party crime scene near Sudbury, Ont.

On Aug. 30, 2012, Justin Dagenais, 22, was stabbed to death and another man was injured at a "pit party" off Falconbridge Road in northeast Sudbury. Police charged Blake Lapierre in connection with the stabbing. (Yvon Theriault/Radio-Canada)