Blake Lapierre, the man found guilty of manslaughter in the death of Justin Dagenais, was sentenced today to spend seven years, 30 days in prison.

Justice Patricia Hennessey in a Sudbury court handed down the sentence midday Friday. 

Lapierre was found guilty of manslaughter and assault with a weapon and not guilty of murder or aggravated assault, following a deadly fight at a Sudbury, Ont.-area pit party in Aug. 2012.

Lapierre was originally charged with second-degree murder in the death of 22-year-old Dagenais,

Dagenais died moments after Lapierre buried a knife up to the hilt in his chest — something both the defence and Crown attorney earlier put into an agreed-upon statement of facts.

Justin Dagenais

Justin Dagenais was stabbed to death at a Garson pit party during an altercation with Blake Lapierre. (Facebook)

Lapierre’s lawyer had asked for a sentence of four to six years while the Crown suggested up to 12 years.

Dagenais’s fiancée Jessica Moore said she wasn’t sure what length of sentence would serve justice for their loss.

“I’ve known [Justin] since I was 12 years old,” Moore said. “We were best friends at first and then we grew into a love that was inseparable and nobody could keep us apart.”

The victim’s mother, Michelle Dagenais, talked about the loss of her son in court, also addressing the Lapierre family.

“Because it doesn’t make me feel any better for someone else to lose their son also, whether it’s going to jail or losing it to pain,” she said. “You know they’re going through their pain also.”

Lapierre read a statement saying that he never intended for any of this to happen and lives with this mistake every day.