The defence lawyer for Blake Lapierre — a 22-year-old charged with second degree murder — told the jury in a Sudbury courtroom Thursday there are no saints and no sinners in this case.

Bob Beckett told the jury yesterday that Lapierre acted in self defence during a stabbing incident at a Garson pit party at the end of August in 2012.

Justin Dagenais died in the altercation.

Justin Dagenais

Justin Dagenais was stabbed to death at a Garson pit party in August 2012. (Facebook)

At the party, someone grabbed Lapierre's shirt — bending him over at the waist — and all he could see were shoes and sand, the lawyer stated.

Lapierre testified earlier he thought more than one person was hitting and kicking him. He said he drew his knife and waved it as a scare tactic, not realizing he'd made contact. He said he slipped out of his shirt and ran, afraid for his life.

'Self-appointed town sheriff'

But Crown prosecutor Leonard Kim said Lapierre acted aggressively. Kim said Lapierre armed himself, and told party-goers he'd use the knife if he had to — and that he did so on Dagenais.

Kim noted the two men faced each other in a fighting stance, and two witnesses said Dagenais threw a couple of punches. The witnesses also testified Lapierre held his opponent's shoulder in one hand and thrust the knife into his chest with the other.

Intent and state of mind are the questions facing the jury.

Both sides agree that Lapierre stabbed Dagenais, causing his death, but Beckett argued Lapierre never intended to kill anyone.

But the crown has argued that Lapierre acted like a self-appointed town sheriff at the party and that he used lethal force on an unarmed man.

Defence lawyer Beckett told the jurors that each of them is a judge, and that Lapierre is presumed innocent until the crown proves beyond a reasonable doubt that he’s guilty of second degree murder.

The jurors are expected to start deliberating Friday afternoon.