Family and friends of a man stabbed to death in Sudbury say nothing will make up for their loss.

On Saturday, a jury found Blake Lapierre guilty of manslaughter in the death of Justin Dagenais — a bloody incident took place at a Garson sand pit party at the end of August, 2012.

Dagenais’ mother, Michelle, was inconsolable after the verdict. She was in the courtroom when Lapierre was found guilty of manslaughter, and not guilty of second degree murder.

“It's been 22 months and five days that I've been missing my son and it's about time that guy got arrested today, ‘cause I have to suffer to my death bed,” she said.

Justin Dagenais

On Saturday, a Sudbury jury found Blake Lapierre guilty of manslaughter in the death of Justin Dagenais (pictured). The bloody incident took place at a party in a Garson sand pit at the end of August 2012. (Facebook)

“When he cut into my son's heart, he cut into a lot of other people's hearts. I miss him every single minute of every single day.”

Jessica Moore was Dagenais' girlfriend at the time of his death.

She was disappointed with the verdict of the lesser charge of manslaughter.

“It is sickening that he pretty much gets to walk off easy. He may do a few years of jail time, but I don't feel like that's enough.”

The jury also found Lapierre guilty of assault with a weapon.

He struck another man on the temple with wooden knuckles the night of the pit party.

Crown attorney, Leonard Kim said the justice system worked and it is now a matter of record that Dagenais' death was unlawful.

“There is really nothing we can do to bring this person back or to have them heal completely,” he said.

“We hope this will at least help the Dagenais family to have some closure and move towards healing and moving on.”

The Lapierre family did not speak to the media after the verdict.

With files from Kate Rutherford