More baby boomers are dying in the water, as close to a third of drowning deaths in northern Ontario involve this demographic, the Lifesaving Society reports.

Of the 17 drowning deaths in the northern Ontario this year, six of them have been boomers.

"Baby boomers now represent the largest age group in Canada," Barbara Byers, a public education director with the society said, noting boomers are the ones who tend to overestimate their abilities and end up in trouble.

A baby boomer is someone between the age of 50 and 64.

A sergeant with Ontario Provincial Police said he’s not surprised by the numbers.

Sergeant Oscar Horth said he sees boomers taking risks on the water frequently in the northeast, adding his unit has laid 21 charges in connection with boaters not having enough life jackets.

In Sudbury, lifeguards at the municipal beaches are keeping a close eye on the swimmers, as people of every age and ability are in the lake.

"We look at swimming ability and any medical conditions we need to be aware of," Michael Hachey, the city’s head lifeguard said.

He added that lifeguards are trained to spot potential problems before tragedy occurs.

A total of 57 people have drowned across Ontario this year — 12 of whom were baby boomers.