The Ontario Motor Vehicle Industry Council is investigating another Sudbury car dealership.

Back in July, the council suspended Drivetime and Craig Terry Investments from doing business. Now, another dealership is involved in this complicated case. It's called Auto Bank, and is also on the Kingsway in Sudbury.

The Ontario Motor Vehicle Industry Council is trying to revoke the licence of this business and its operator: Ryan MacLennan.

Council spokesperson Terry O'Keefe said MacLennan was once the general manager of sales and finance at Craig Terry Investments.

"I can't discuss the evidence that's going to be presented at a hearing, but it's primarily related to his involvement in the transactions at Craig Terry Investments Limited,” O’Keefe said.

MacLennan told CBC Radio he won't publicly comment on the case, but is appealing, and denies any wrong-doing.

O'Keefe noted MacLennan is still permitted to operate Auto Bank, because there aren't any consumer complaints against that dealership.

“We don't normally issue a warning simply because we've issued a proposal to revoke a dealership,” O’Keefe said.

“However, if we take the step of immediately suspending a dealer, it is because that we believe that the public is potentially and immediately at risk.”

As for the suspensions involving Drivetime and Craig Terry Investments, operator Micheline Cooper is also appealing.

Cooper has tried to register two other businesses with the motor vehicle council under the names Turn Key Auto and a second Drivetime, but those requests were rejected.

The Ontario Licence Appeal Tribunal will hear these cases mid-September.