People in Attawapiskat say their chief has the support of the community as she strives to find a better relationship between the Canadian government and First Nations.

But not everyone agrees with how Theresa Spence has made this very public call for change.

As Spence continues with her hunger strike in Ottawa, people back home are watching.

Attawapiskat band councillor Jerry Nakogee organized a rally through the streets of the community Wednesday night in support of Spence.

"This is the person who couldn't take it anymore, meaning our chief," he said.

"She had no alternative but to do this to get support from our Prime Minister."

But Attawapiskat resident Jackie Hookimaw-Witt said she worries about how Spence is going about pushing for that change.


Attawapiskat First Nations Chief Theresa Spence stands with NDP MP Charlie Angus on Parliament Hill in Ottawa at the start of her hunger strike Dec. 11. (Facebook)

"People are scared [about her health] … that is what I pick up in the community," she said.

"They don't agree with the method she is utilizing."

Spence is now on the tenth day of her hunger strike.

She has demanded a meeting with the Prime Minister and Governor General to discuss treaty rights. So far a meeting with the minister of Aboriginal Affairs has been offered.