One of Sudbury's oldest downtown buildings will become part of the new school of architecture.

But exactly what will happen to the century-old CPR Telegraph building isn't clear.

Terry Galvin, the director of the new School of Architecture, said he’s happy the historic building will be part of the Laurentian University campus. He noted the new school will work around important heritage features of the Telegraph building, such as the original windows and doors.

"Certainly there are challenges, but like many things, parameters and restrictions are often the source for creativity," Galvin said.

The Telegraph building wasn't originally included in last fall's $3 million deal for Market Square, a downtown edifice that houses a farmers market. But a last minute switch in the proposal saw the city sell it.


CPR Telegraph building in 1945. (Supplied)

Change is 'inevitable'

Sudbury heritage panel chair Sheila Prusila said her initial reaction to the sale was worry.

"I'm always concerned with change," Prusila said. "Change is inevitable. It will happen. But we have to keep in mind our past."

Prusila said she's confident Laurentian will preserve this piece of Sudbury's architectural history while building its future.

Galvin, who notices a lot of things about the Telegraph building that most Sudburians probably miss, said, at the very least, he plans to talk about the building in his lectures to students.

"Here's an example where a building could have been demolished or knocked down or badly renovated or cut in half," Galvin said. "Instead, because we'll take pictures of it now and show how we've revitalized [it]."

The new architecture school is slated to hold its first class at the Downtown Sudbury campus in September, 2013.