Laurentian University unveiled more details about the design of its new Architecture School at a public open house Thursday night.

Four buildings will make up the campus, including the existing Market Square and Telegraph Building which will be used for student work areas and faculty offices.

The two new buildings will be a library and studio space.

David Warne, project architect for the school, said the design is inspired by northern Ontario landscapes.

"The whole site is being restored almost to its original Boreal Forest ecology," Warne said. "That's what we're aiming to do is have a real, living public space within the city."


An artist's rendering of the Laurentian School of Architecture's west wing. (Laurentian University School of Architecture)

Warne says the campus will also include an outdoor amphitheatre and a paved walk way area for pedestrians and cyclists.

Classes are set to begin at the Laurentian School of Architecture in September 2013.