Fabio Belli

Late Sudbury city councillor Fabio Belli (Yvon Theriault?Radio-Canada)

Sudbury city councillors have chosen someone to sit among them for the next few months.

Al Sizer was voted in last night as the interim city councillor for Ward 8, filling the position until the election this fall.

He was up against 12 other contenders, who each had five minutes to make their case to the 10 voters in this mini-election, the current mayor and city council.

Some candidates, like former Sudbury city councillor Jim Ilnitski, promised great service to the residents of the New Sudbury ward.

"I will respond to all calls the same day," Ilnitski said,

Al Sizer

Interim Ward 8 Sudbury city councillor Al Sizer (Erik White/CBC )

Others, like Gerald Perras, had some big ambitions for the few months they would be on city council.

"Making elected officials accountable for wrong and deceitful doing is a must," he said, often raising his voice during his presentation to city council.

And some were thinking ahead to the next step. 

"I'm also your next great mayor, but first I am Ward 8," said candidate Steve Green.

After one vote, it was narrowed down to two candidates--- Sizer and Frank DeBurger, a 25-year veteran of local politics. The former Town of Walden councillor warned that someone not familiar with municipal business would have no time to be trained in the few months they'd be on the job.

"Therefore a person such as myself must seamlessly fit and get on with the job at hand," said DeBurger.

DeBurger said he had no intention of running in the regular election this October, while Sizer does plan to seek the Ward 8 seat for the next term.

City councillors seemed split on whether or not the interim councillor should be just a temp or have wider ambitions.

In the second vote, Sizer defeated DeBurger by a count of six to four. 

The 63-year-old came second in Ward 8 in the 2010 to Fabio Belli, whose death this spring left the seat vacant.

Sizer retired just four years ago after being a long-time department manager at the city, looking after cemeteries, arenas and parks.

"No, I can't stay away," Sizer said afterwards with a big smile on his face. "I've been with the public all of my life and want to continue with helping out."

Sizer said being on council for a few months could help his chances of getting elected in October, but it could also hurt him.

"It is a double edged sword," he said. "Some were concerned that it may give you an advantage, the other point I was concerned about was that if you don't perform or people have issues with me, it could also be my detriment in the next election."

Sudbury city council has another empty seat to fill, with Joe Cimino leaving Ward 1 to be an MPP at Queen's Park.

The city is accepting applications right now until July 4. City council will hear from the aspiring councillors on July 8. The two interim councillors are expected to both be sworn in on that same day.