African immigrants in Sudbury yearning for some home cooking now have their own grocery store.

The store opened quietly this spring in a city more known for poutine and perogies.

The owner of the Sudbury African Market said now she and others no longer have to make long trips south to stock up.

Folasade Onajobi's shop carries shelves full of items unique to the cuisines of several African countries.

"You have the people from from east Africa, west, south, north and they kind of vary," the Nigerian native said.

"There's some new things I've learned. I 'm like, you eat that? We don't eat that! It's really nice … you should try it."

‘Way easier’

Onajobi runs the store, located on Barrydowne Road, and also works as a full-time nurse.

She said she thinks there are about 1,000 people from Africa in Sudbury, not including the students.

One of those students is Yvonne Ben, originally from Nigeria, who’s studying biomedical biology at Laurentian University.

Ben said she had to go to Toronto for her home-cooking needs.

"Now that we have a store here, it's … way easier, so I don't have to carry that much of a load while travelling," she said.

Ben writes about food and African culture on her blog, the Kaleidoscopian.

Those looking for recipes can find them on the Sudbury African food market's facebook page.

Onajobi carries ingredients for a wide variety of cuisines, but also carries items such as hair products.

"We love to do our hair," she said with a laugh. "According to us, you have to beautify your hair, because you're beautifying your life."