Sudbury’s planning committee has given the green light to a 700-unit housing complex in the Minnow Lake area despite a last-ditch appeal from residents against the development.

Homeowners who attended the committee’s Monday night meeting were concerned about the road that will be built to connect Bancroft Drive with the Kingsway.

But developer Steve Vaccaro with Interpaving Ltd. said residents didn't come forward during the months and months this project was being planned to voice those concerns.

"Ultimately, weeks before decisions need to be taken, [people] hijack the process and bring a big audience here and create pressure so we can all change our opinions," he said.

There were arguments for and against the development, but after a few hours of debate, the planning committee unanimously approved the proposal. The committee’s decision won't be final until it passes a vote at a regular city council meeting in two weeks.

Interpaving Ltd. is a Sudbury road repair company that has in recent years branched into real estate development.