A fundraising effort is now underway to help the widower and three young children of a suspected murder victim in Kapuskasing.

The body of 24-year-old Emanuelle D'amours was found early Wednesday morning in a Kapuskasing home.

OPP have released few details about the incident, but have charged a 30-year-old Kapuskasing man with second degree murder.

D'amours is survived by her fiancee André Racine and their three children Gabriel, 3, Maxim, 2, and Ava, 10 months.

Racine, who is originally from Sudbury, moved to Kapuskasing to work as a plumber and met D'amours while both were working at a hotel in the community, said Stephanie Racine, D'amours' sister-in-law.

'"They weren't as prepared. They are such a young family."  - Stephanie Racine, Emanuelle D'amours' sister-in-law

"She made my brother laugh, she pushed him to be a better person, she showed him how to raise those children," Racine said. "It is very hard to live with these kids and look at them and explain to them how they will never see their mother."

Racine said she and her mother are staying with her brother for now to help with the children.

André Racine worked out of town regularly—something that will no longer be possible, his sister said.

"They weren't as prepared. They are such a young family," she said. "My brother really does need the help. He will not be able to work out of town anymore. He is going to have to take on the role of mother and father."

To help the family, friends have set up a crowd-funding effortSo far, the fund has raised more than $21,000 to support Racine and the children.

OPP have released few details about the circumstances surrounding the death of D'amours.

Patrick Carignan, 30, from Kapuskasing, was arrested and charged with second degree murder Thursday. Police report the victim and the accused knew each other.

The family only knows that D'amours went to Carignan to have her computer fixed, Racine said.

Her funeral will be held Tuesday in Moonbeam.