A recent report states accessing prostitution is easy to do in Sudbury.

Recently, a provincial women's group — Action ontarienne contre la violence faite aux femmes — looked at how easy it is to access the sex trade industry in three cities in the province: Sudbury, Toronto and Hawkesbury.

The director of le Centre Victoria pour femme in Sudbury, another group involved with the research, said the report found that there were 200 different ways to find a prostitute.

The report “took a look at what's available by looking at key words on the internet for Sudbury, key words that might bring you to sexual services or prostitution services,” Gaetane Pharand said.

“They [also] looked in the paper at classified ads [and] they roamed the streets a little bit where the bars exist.”

Pharand said the centre in Sudbury and the provincial organization that did the report are lobbying to have police crackdown on Johns.

"Women … 90 per cent women who are providing prostitution services should not be criminalized,” she said.

“We should be criminalizing those who profit from prostitution because it is an abuse."

On Tuesday evening in Sudbury, a public forum is taking place about the sex trade industry from 7-9 p.m. at the Croatian Hall, 571 Kathleen Street.  Tune in to CBC News Sudbury’s Morning North radio program Wednesday morning for more coverage.