More than 1,000 people crowded into an Ottawa church Saturday for the funeral of two retired teachers killed during an attempted burglary last weekend.

The couple were asleep at their Val-des-Monts, Que., cottage on Nov. 23, when they heard someone trying to break in.

Bob Dagenais, 52, was shot dead as he tried to dial 911, police said. His wife, Bonnie, 51, was killed by a second blast seconds later.

Police have two suspects, both from Notre-Dame-du-Laus, Que., in custody. Rene Michaud, 26, and a 15-year-old boy were charged with first-degree murder in the death of Bonnie Dagenais and second-degree murder in the death of her husband.

Police said they had been looking for Michaud at the time of the killings, and that he had been released from custody eight days before the Val-des-Monts incident.

Authorities have refused to comment on why he was set free. "I prefer not to make any comments on that subject," Crown lawyer Denis Pilon told reporters.

The shooting victims had retired from teaching last June.

Bob Dagenais was principal of Sir Guy Carleton Secondary School in Ottawa, where he ended a career that spanned 27 years. Bonnie taught for 32 years, most recently elementary students at Broadview Public School.

As testament to their popularity, St. Patrick's Basilica was packed to overflowing with many former students.

"It's not at all surprising, said student Steve Marriner about the large turnout. "I mean, he touched so many people's lives, and so did his wife, Bonnie."

Bob Dagenais was principal of several high schools. Students at one of them, Woodroffe High, staged a protest in 1996 when they learned he would be transferred to another school.