'Stink eggs' cause botulism scare

Yukon health officials are warning people to be careful when preparing an aboriginal delicacy known as 'stink eggs'.

A Whitehorse women is recovering in a Vancouver Hospital from botulism poisoning after eating the fermented salmon roe. A relative of the woman from Atlin, B.C. was also diagnosed with the deadly disease.

Yukon Infectious Disease Officer Pat Mandl says they still don't know exactly how the botulism is being spread... so people should take care processing the eggs.

"Put it into a glass jar and put some water with it, and you put a covering on it," she says. "In this case it was a plastic covering. You should never, ever, use plastic coverings or zip lock bags. That will increase botulism toxin very rapidly in that type of closed environment."

Health officials will be holding a public meeting in Atlin, B.C. tomorrow morning on the hazards of botulism in fish.