Showdown with bear earns man hero award

A former Yukoner was honored for bravery Friday by Canada's Governor General.

Two years ago Dave Calnan probably saved Carrie Fair's life. Fair was being mauled by a bear outside a campground in Dawson City. Calnan went to the rescue. But even today after being praised for that rescue by the Governor General, Calnan is modest about his role.

"Oh I just threw some wood at the bear, I guess, and the bear was eating on her and it charged me a couple of times and then I just picked up a big stick and started beating on the bear to get it away from her," he said. "I was scared mind you but somebody had to help her."

RCMP officers who investigated the incident are convinced the 19-year old woman would have died if Calnan, armed only with a stick, hadn't rushed in to confront the bear.