Six patients and one employee at the Kenneth E. Spencer Memorial Home in Moncton have been infected with salmonella in an outbreak that started Sept. 18 at the facility. One resident has died.

"Someone did die. They did have salmonella but at the particular time they had multiple diagnoses," said Barbara Tremble Cook, the nursing home’s executive director.

"So I guess we can’t say with certainty that would have caused their death, but it could have been a contributing factor."

Cook said the resident received proper assistance.

"When they were not responding to treatment, they were transported to hospital and saw medical assistance there," she said.

She added that the facility’s kitchen has been found clear of any trace of salmonella.

Public health officials continue to monitor the outbreak.

The facility remains open to visitors as the investigation continues.

Spencer's is home to about 200 people and employs about 230 staff.