Senators fined for poor attendance records

Seven Canadian senators have been fined for poor attendance, including two convicted felons, who are appealing their cases.

Tory Senator Michel Cogger has been hit with the highest fine. He's been docked more than $23,000 for missing nearly 100 sessions in the last two years. In the last session which ended in September, Cogger attended only 28 per cent of the sittings in the Red Chamber.

Cogger was convicted of influence peddling in 1988. He's appealing that conviction.

Saskatchewan Tory Senator Eric Berntson has been fined more than $1,700 for skipping Senate meetings. Last year Berntson was found guilty of defrauding provincial taxpayers.

Five other senators were also docked pay. They are: Liberal Leo Kolber and Tories Trevor Eyton, Fernand Roberge, Roch Bolduc and William Kelly.

Senators are allowed to miss 21 sittings and then they're fined $250 for each one they miss after that.