It's been one week since a St. Andrews woman was found slain in her car in Selkirk. Twenty-three RCMP officers have been assigned to the case, which police say has revealed a lot. But they're not sharing any theories.

In the cold rain, RCMP officers comb the ditches and banks along River Road in the Rural Municipality of St. Andrews, looking for something they aren't willing to talk about.

"It's critical we play it close to the vest. We intend to do that," says RCMP Sgt. Steve Saunders.

What police aren't saying is whether their search along the road has anything to do with items they have already retrieved from the murdered woman's house. 42- year old Bev Rowbotham was last seen alive at her home. For the last five days, the home and property has been the focal point of the investigation. Two separate teams of investigators have combed through it.

"This case is unique in that we have a great deal of information we believe is known only to the killer or killers," says Saunders.

But does the information reveal who the killer or killers are?

Rowbotham's body was found in her car in a Selkirk parking lot one week ago. Blood splatter experts were brought in to try to determine if she was actually killed inside the car. Police won't reveal what was found.

They also aren't commenting on Rowbotham's husband, Mark Stobbe. The last person to see Rowbotham alive, a search warrant bars him from entering his home as police continue their search.

Police say Stobbe is being treated as a grieving family member, but he's not ruled out as a suspect.

"We're not dispelling any theories at this point," says Saunders.

Which brings police to River Road. Driven by hunch, or driven by reason, they're hoping this is where they can find the elusive clue to move the investigation forward.