Scouts organization ordered to change name

A traditionalist scouting organization for young people is being ordered to change it's name.

The Baden Powell Scouts Association of Canada was first ordered by Industry Canada to take the word scout out of its title. Now, Scouts Canada also wants the name Baden Powell to be removed.

Merrill Smith's 13 year old son joined Ottawa's first Baden Powell Scout troop last summer.

This group brings back scout founder, Baden Powell's original ideals. It concentrates on outdoor activities and allows for all-male troops.

The Baden Powell scouts are now operating in B.C., Alberta, Ontario and the maritimes. But Scouts Canada doesn't like the idea of a parallel organization misrepresenting themselves as scouts.

To parent, Merrill Smith, this argument is ridiculous. She said, "It would be like MacDonalds saying no one else can use the word hamburgers. 32 What's getting lost in all this is scouting is for the boys. I think adults are sending the wrong message when they're fighting over names like this. There's plenty of room in this country for more than one scouting association."

Not according to Scouts Canada. Andy McLaughlin speaks for that corporation. "As far as scouts Canada is concerned, there's one scouting association in Canada, one in the world, every country has only one that's how Baden Powell set up scouting, he set up one organization per country", McLaughlin said. "He felt anything else would dilute the program, cause confusion and hurt the programs for young people."

The new Baden Powell organization hasn't decided its next move.

It did agree to remove the word scout from its title. It's a little more reticent to give up the name Baden Powell.

Group leaders say they don't have the money or the desire to take Scouts Canada to court.