Scott accused of pre-judging inquiry results

A new APEC-related allegation surfaced in Parliament yesterday. An opposition MP said he overheard the Solicitor-General predict the outcome of the Vancouver inquiry.

NDP member Dick Proctor says he eavesdropped on Andy Scott while the two were travelling on the same plane.

Proctor says he took 11 pages of notes during the flight last week. He says he heard Scott tell a seatmate:

  • "At the end of the day, four or five Mounties will have been found to . . . have used excessive force."

  • "Hughie may be the guy who takes the fall for this," an apparent reference to an RCMP officer.

  • Scott said he wanted to get away from Ottawa but couldn't because he had to be "the cover" for Prime Minister Jean Chretien. Proctor says that could simply mean that Scott had to cover for Chretien on certain issues during Question Period.

    During yesterday's Question Period, Scott denied making the comments attributed to him by Proctor. Later, upon being informed of where Proctor had taken the notes, Scott said he can't remember the details of what he said on the plane, nor could he identify the person to whom he was speaking.

    However, he said those are not the kind of comments he would make, because he hasn't formed an opinion on the APEC Inquiry.

    The Solicitor-General is responsible for the RCMP. If Proctor's allegations prove to be true, Scott could be called on to resign.