Saskatchewan school trustees want to bring acres and inches back to the classroom.

Trustees passed a resolution at their annual meeting on Wednesday, urging the province to revise its curriculum to include instruction of imperial measurements. The idea was brought up by Esterhazy's Potashville School District.

"I think just to have a basic understanding of the imperial system and the metric system is probably going to be valuable to some young people when they enter a workforce," said David Weiss, Potashville S.D. board chairman.

"We're not trying to say that we need to go back to the imperial system. I don't think anybody wants to go back 20 years and redo what we've done."

Weiss explained that, "there are a lot of people that can relate to when the metric system was introduced; how lost they were with that system when all they'd ever known was imperial."

Weiss said he still uses the imperial system to measure his farmland. And he pointed out that local carpenters and mechanics also want to hire young workers who understand the old system.