Women text wrong address to Lorry Santos' accused killers

Two women who know the accused killer in the death of Saskatoon mother Lorry Santos testified in court this afternoon.

Randy O'Hagan charged with first-degree murder in 2012 death of Saskatoon mother

Melissa Star (black jacket, far left) and Serena Lodoen (white hoodie) testify in Court of Queen's Bench. (CBC)

Two women connected to the accused killer in the death of Saskatoon mother Lorry Santos testified in court this afternoon.

Melissa Star and Serena Lodoen, who both have children with the same Saskatoon man, testified in court on Monday. The women said they met each other during visits with the father and kept in contact with each other.

Lodoen said she also knew Randy O'Hagan, who is accused of shooting Santos in her home when she answered the door on Sept. 12, 2012. Lodoen said she had been buying cocaine from him that summer.

That summer, Star gave Lodoen the address where their children's father was living. Star said in court that she remembered the address being 203 Peterson Terrace, which was Santos' home. In court, Star pointed out a home six houses down the street from the home where Santos lived.

Lorry Santos (Santos family)

Four days before Santos was murdered, Lodoen shared that address in a text message to an Alberta cell number she believed belonged to O'Hagan. She also shared the address with others in the drug scene.

When asked by the Crown prosecutor what her intention was, Lodoen paused.

"I had no intention at all," she said, lowering her eyes. "One less person asking me where he is."

Lodoen said, "I thought they'd steal his belongings, TV, electronics, match what he owed."

Neighbours woken up by gunfire

The gunfire was so loud it left his ears ringing. 

That's according to a neighbour of Lorry Santos, who testified about the day he was startled awake by gunfire when Santos was fatally wounded in her own home.

Crown prosecutors say O'Hagan shot Santos after ringing her doorbell at around six o'clock in the morning, waiting until she peeked out the window.

One of the neighbours, Cary Tarasoff, was sleeping in a camper across the street from the Santos home. He woke up to hear gunfire right outside.

Cary Tarasoff speaking to reporters outside his home last year. (CBC)

"It was so loud, my ears were ringing," said Tarasoff.

As soon as Tarasoff heard the shots, he ran inside his home and dialled 911.

Tarasoff is a veteran of the Canadian forces, and has been trained to use firearms.

"It felt like a semi-automatic burst," he said. "There was reverb off everything."

Two other people who live in the neighbourhood also testified this morning. One woman heard a loud popping sound, then saw two men dressed in black run past her window. Another woman reported seeing a suspicious looking car driving in the area that morning.

Police believe eight shots were fired at the house.

The trial is expected to wrap up next week.