Katrina Green says that she thought it was an RCMP officer arresting a couple of runaways.

So she snapped a photograph of two young men lying prone on the side of the highway.

But minutes later, she watched a fleet of RCMP cruisers, a paddy wagon and an ambulance roaring towards the scene she’d just passed.

Later, she learned an RCMP officer had shot a man on the side of the highway.

"We were shocked. Unbelievably shocked."


Katrina Green says it looked like everything was under control moments before an RCMP shooting. ((Katrina Green))

Green and her husband were driving from Young to Saskatoon on Friday afternoon when they came across the unfolding drama. They didn’t know what to make of the scene.

She says that it appeared everything was under control. A lone RCMP officer had parked across the highway and two young men were on the side of the road. She says her husband saw the officer had his gun drawn, and he was giving commands to "lay down" through a loudspeaker.

There was an older woman in the driver’s side of a truck, calmly smoking, she said.

"And I seen two of them sitting, I mean laying down on the cement, and we seen the officer just getting out of the vehicle, actually coming out, and we thought everything was nice and calm and done."

RCMP aren’t saying much about what happened. The Regina Police Service is doing an outside investigation.

Police said officers were investigating a series of break and enters in Watrous, Sask., from earlier in the day.

Around 2:50 p.m. CST, members of the Saskatoon RCMP detachment found a vehicle matching the description of a suspected vehicle in the case on Highway 16 and did a traffic stop near Clavet, west of the Bradwell turnoff and Clark Road.

"During the traffic stop, RCMP members on the scene discharged their firearms and one adult male was injured and taken to hospital," the Mounties said in a release.