Wintry weather arrives in Saskatoon

Welcome to winter Saskatoon. The weather office reports that about 6 centimeters of snow fell overnight. There's more snow on the way today, and gusty winds are expected.

Drivers urged to slow down on slippery streets

This could be in our future today. (Jen Quesnel/CBC)

Welcome to winter Saskatoon.

Winter arrived in Saskatoon overnight. (CBC)
Environment Canada reported that about six centimetres of snow fell overnight. And there is more on it's way, with two to four centimetres expected today. A weather warning was in effect for the city early this morning but it's been dropped.

The City of Saskatoon's public works manager Pat Hyde said that motorists should slow down and give themselves extra time to get where they're going.

"There are icy conditions that Mother Nature has thrown at us," he said. "We have to deal with it and we're all in the same boat together. There's a lot of new citizens that have come to Saskatoon over the years. Many of those, I'm assuming, probably do not have winter driving experience because they may have come from climates where this is not part of what they're used to. It's a steep learning curve and it's sudden."

Snow clearing underway

The City of Saskatoon said crews are already out sanding and plowing roadways. Outside contractors are helping to clear the roads. Crews are working Priority 1 streets, including freeways, access to the fire halls, hospitals and ambulance sites, along with major roads, such as 8th Street and 22nd Street.

"Well we can't be everywhere at once, all at the same time," Hyde said. "We were aware that there was snow coming. There's no question. What kind of conditions will exist depends on what comes with the snow. If we didn't have rain beforehand it'd be a slightly different story than what we're talking about this morning."

Saskatoon spends just over $8-million a year on snow removal and sanding. Members of city council want to boost that at budget time next month.

Weather-related collisions

Troy Davies, with MD Ambulance, said they have responded to two collisions. He said most drivers are taking it slow, but the treacherous conditions won't let up for several days.

"We're going to see some warmer conditions later in the week. So then we'll definitely see some black ice occuring because it's not totally freezing underneath the snow. And black ice you can't see it so again we get to see some higher speeds and some more crashes." 

Around 3 a.m. CST, a semi-truck rolled on Highway 16 near Boychuk Drive and ended up in the ditch, leaving the driver with minor injuries. Slippery conditions were believed to be a factor.

Winter driving conditions exist on all highways into and out of the city. Check the Highway Hotline before venturing out. 

Storm heads east

Central and western Saskatchewan got it the worst, with 10 to 15 centimetres of snow expected in some communities.

The storm was over the eastern part of the province Monday morning and was moving into Manitoba today.
A further 2 to 4 cm of snow are expected in parts of Saskatchewan today.


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