It may be happening in a far-off land, but that doesn't mean Saskatoon isn't talking about the birth of William and Kate's baby boy.

As the world waited with bated breath for the royal baby to arrive, reporter David Shield spoke with Saskatonians about what they thought of the royal birth and what advice they would give to the proud first-time parents.

What do you think of the royal birth?

"You know what? We're excited. I work in a long term care home, and my seniors all grew up under the union jack and the queen, and we have a competition with all the seniors about the name, how many pounds it's going to be...They fought under her, and they just love her. They love the whole monarchy thing, and I think it's part of Canada's life and heritage, so it's good. Why not?"

-- Adriana VanDuivendyk

"I think because the two of them are such a neat couple, they seem good married and they do good things for other people. So, they're not selfish like some royals have been in the past."

-- Sherry Harder

"Princesses are pretty."

-- Caity Penner, 4

Do you have any advice for the young couple?

"I think the first cue I would take from the royal family is privacy. Watch what they're doing--they're really protecting themselves, they're making sure that they've got good supports around them, and not having a lot of people in their space. And I think that's one of the things new families really overlook. We have too many well-meaning relatives coming by, wanting to hold the baby, kiss the baby, but really, you don't get those days back." 

-- Lisa Wass, owner/director Birth Rhythms Pregnancy Health Centre

"Well, I would say off-hand that they are going to need to prepare to be up late at night, but them being them, I don't know if they'll need to do that." 

-- Murray Rice