Saskatchewan Penitentiary

Saskatchewan Penitentiary in Prince Albert has been without running water since Friday around 10 p.m. CST , due to a water main break inside the prison.

Work is underway on a temporary fix, said spokesperson Darcy Begrand. The plan is to pump in water from an external reservoir and tie that source into the water main.

"That way we'll be able to supply a limited amount of water that will be directed to the showers, the sinks, the toilets in the inmate cells," Begrand explained.

It's hoped the water will be flowing again sometime this evening. Begrand said it's uncertain how soon a more permanent repair can be completed.

There was no flooding.

Meanwhile inmates and staff have been given bottled water to drink. Water has also been trucked in for toilet flushing. Portable toilets have been brought in as well.

Staff have been helping to haul water bottles, Begrand said.

"Even the inmates are being very open to just having us deal with the problem instead of getting too upset about it," he added.

Earlier today staff were allowed to go home or to nearby businesses to use washrooms there. 

At around 1 p.m. CST, the warden sent all non-essential staff home for the rest of the day. Those include program staff, parole officers and teachers. They're expected back at work on Tuesday.