Warmer weekend weather brings Saskatoon people outdoors

From River Landing to Broadway Avenue people headed outside this weekend to enjoy milder weather.

From River Landing to Broadway people headed outside to enjoy Saturday's milder weather

Saskatoon's temperatures warmed into the single-digits Saturday— a far cry from the previous weekend's extreme cold and wind chills. The milder weather brought people across Saskatoon outdoors on Saturday.

Today, everything came alive,- Aaron Green

Alicia Poliakiwski and her family moved to Saskatoon from the Caribbean this winter. Saturday was the first day in months that she and her husband bundled their 2-year-old son Max up, and headed outside to play.

"We haven't experienced winter in three years, this is our first winter back and it's been very cold," Poliakiwski said. "Max was born in the Caribbean, so he doesn't like the cold at all. This is his second time out with his new toboggan he got for Christmas."

The warm weather this weekend didn't hurt some businesses, either.

From the Saskatoon Farmer's Market, to the busy Broadway shopping district, warmer weather had businesses buzzing on Saturday.

Aaron Green, owner and operator of Leven's Coffee Company, ran out of coffee beans on Saturday at the Farmer's Market. He says the market hasn't seen large crowds since the Christmas holiday shopping season.

"Today, everything came alive," Green said.

Gerald Resahetnyk, owner of The Bike Doctor, knows the feeling. He says his business hasn't been as busy in months as it was Saturday.

"Oh, there's a lot more people coming in. As you can see the doors are coming open, there's lots of folks around looking at bikes, buying bikes. It's exciting." Resahetnyk said.

CBC Saskatchewan's weather specialist Farah Singh has called Saturday's weather a 'transition day' toward the spring. She predicts that the worst of the cold has passed, and people in Saskatchewan can expect the spring thaw to begin as early as Sunday.